Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Still here. Still kicking. Still hate winter. And cold.

This weather is making me go crazy. I even wore two different shoes to school one Monday morning. They weren't even close to the same.
So I took a quick trip to Walmart to buy a pair of shoes. Luckily my break was in the morning, and only a few students noticed. They were pleased when I returned the next day with a matching pair.

My husband wouldn't let me live it down either. He spent the next few days laying out my shoes so I wouldn't need to dig through the closet. Isn't he just a peach?

However, a little snow (read ice) and negative wind chills won't stop us from enjoying.

The Wrap-up of Wrestling Season:

I so enjoy this time of year. As busy as we are on our weekends, I LOVE watching my kids grow from the beginning to the end of their season. Jae grew leaps and bounds during basketball. She's struggling now with volleyball a little bit, but we keep reminding her that even the greats didn't get good by just showing up to games. They had to practice a lot to get where they are.

The boys had a heck of a season. Sawyer got a couple first place wins and a 3rd place. I forgot how much harder it gets the older you are. There were a lot of really fast, strong kids in his brackets. It never gets easier to watch them lose, but I can tell you that the lessons Carter has learned over the past 3 years have been totally worth it.

My little wrestlers

Being elbow to elbow in a gym means you have to get creative. These two did a great job keeping each other busy!

Carter's first District meet. He was out right away, but it was great practice to wrestle against such good wrestlers.
IF Gathering:

I was invited by one of my camp girls to go to the local IF gathering in Orange City a few weeks ago. Jen Hatmaker, one of my favorite bloggers, was speaking, so I was really excited to hear her. I really enjoyed a few days with these ladies. I don't feel all the feelings well, especially with strangers, but it was a good weekend for reflection and introspection. I did a lot of that when I got home.

Valentine's Day with my Loves

I'm not big on the sap factor of Valentine's Day, but I do like a good reason to show people I love them. One of my favorites is spending quality time together. I got the best of all the worlds on Valentine's Day when I got to spend the morning loving up my littles, making breakfast, watching Charlie Brown, and giving an overload of hugs. Dan took the girls and I to Sioux Falls, dropped us off so we could see a movie, and picked us back up so we could hit up good ol' Johnny Holm for the 2nd time in 3 weeks. We enjoyed some burgers and a beer at one of our favorite joints- JL Beers. I totally recommend it if you are in Sioux Falls and you like burgers and fries. It's all they've got, but it's good!!

Some Regular Favs

Morning cuddles with my littles

Beautiful sunrises=SPRING IS COMING

Finally, here's a conversation I had with Sawyer the other day. I do love the little things my kiddos say. I often wish I could record all of those moments, but I can't, so sharing them is the next best thing.

The conversation went like this:

Sawyer- Mama, isn't he just the cutest thing? Like, no, really, the cutest? Want to know his name, mama?

Me- For sure, buddy.

Sawyer- Abratim Clinkin

Me- What? Say that again....

Sawyer- Like the president.

Me- Ah yes.....Abraham Lincoln. Perfect.

Have a great Hump Day!