Monday, January 18, 2016

January Happies

January weather has me like

I'm over it. Even if it is super gorgeous once and a while. 

I think we had a good stretch of time where waking up in the mornings wasn't such a drag since every single tree was coated in this beautifulness.

However, don't think I'm not all over Trulia looking for homes down South because I am. I really like this one.

But Dan thinks 7 mil is a tad out of our price range. Personally I think he's a fun hater, but I suppose I'd settle for something like this.

More realistically it would probably be something like this.

Honestly would be better than -40 degree wind chills in my opinion, but whatevs.

I suppose there have been some happies so far in January. :)

Ringing in the new year with this clan. Love them. Always.

And him. He just makes me happy. Iowa or Florida.

More DeWit time. 

His quirkiness. Yep, he's a dog. Woof woof.


After! I don't know if she thinks this is a happy or not, but she will when she gets these babies off. It will be so worth it!

Ginormous snowflakes that actually land in the shape of a snowflake. I love looking at their intricate patterns. Props God. Props.

Wax Museum day. Sister worked hard on this project. She is fascinated with Walt Disney. Love her imagination!

Riptide Wrestling- This is both a happy as well as a sad because I think this season may close the chapter of Carter's wrestling "career". He's lost about every match this year, and it's definitely taking it's toll. I forsee him playing basketball and letting this one go. Tear for this mama, but I understand that some things just aren't for some kiddos. Plus, I love basketball so I will gladly watch both!

Well, I'm soaking up the Vicks like it's my life these past few days. Let's hope that it doesn't last too long. Spent a little quality time with the husband and some wonderful friends this weekend. Looking forward to volleyball tournaments starting up this coming weekend as well. I need to start planning some more happies on the calendar so I can look forward to something rather than complaining about how I can't feel my face. 

Happy Monday to you! What are you happy about?