Wednesday, July 17, 2013


A little enjoying the small things for you this week. As we speak, I'm taking a small, well deserved break from packing up my life to head on vacation this weekend. It's consuming my thoughts and overwhelming every ounce of me. I hate having so much to do, knowing I really can't do the majority of it until the day before we leave. So instead of throwing myself a pity party and drowning my sorrows in wine, I thought I'd throw out a little "Enjoying the Small Things" post to make my outlook a little more positive. Okay, so I'm still drowning my sorrows in wine, but at least I'm happy about it. ;)

Right now I'm enjoying.................

Alone time with my boys

Not like Jae's home much anyways in the summer, but it was nice to focus on my little men when Jae's was at camp last week. We played cars, went picking for more strawberries (fun until Sawyer tried to pee in the strawberry patch..ugh), read books, went swimming and cuddled on the couch.

Sending my daughter off to the same camp I went to as a child

Talk about nostalgia. Inspiration Hills was a huge deal to me as a kid. I remember having my first real connection to Jesus there that didn't involve my family. As sad as it was to see my lady off to camp for her first full week away from us (that didn't involve some family), she was all smiles. In fact, it made me a little cranky that she didn't have ANY homesick jitters. It is, however, a whole lot easier to let her go when she's excited. When I walked into the doors to pick her up on Friday, it was as if I was walking through a time machine. Nothing had changed about that place. It had a comfortable familiarity about it. I listened to them sing songs and hug their "Aunts" and "Uncles" (camp counselors for those who are unfamiliar) and praise the Lord. It was very evident that He was present in that place during the week. Now that we are home, I hear her using terms we used at camp and often hear her talking about games we used to play, and it makes me smile that there are small bits of the past that haven't left this generation yet.

Drive-In Movies

Nothing says summer quite like an old fashioned drive in movie. We hit up Slade's Drive-In before the actual Drive-In movie and enjoyed some great food and delicious ice cream before heading out to watch Monsters University. We set up shop on the grassy knoll up front as people played frisbee and tag and laid on blankets reading books, waiting for the movie to start. We grabbed some popcorn and enjoyed a nice cool evening with friends, gushing afterwards about how some classic past times bring just as much happiness to our kids as they did to us.

Snails and Lake Water

Hands down I'd pick a pool over a lake. I love the blue water and the serene peace that falls over me when I hear the sound of the water bubbling out of the giant, blue umbrella and hitting the water. However, I grew up on the lake. Some of my best memories of my childhood were made at a lake, and I thoroughly enjoy making those memories for my kiddos as well. We spent Saturday afternoon at Paullina pit celebrating our nieces and nephew's birthdays. We spent a few hours swimming, being tossed in the air by grandpa, laying out on our sandy towels, picking snails off of the bottom of the dock and placing them in the palm of our hands while we watch them slowly slide across our sandy skin, and overall, just enjoying one another's company. The best part of the day? When my 6 year old niece hops into my arms and lays her exhausted, beautiful sandy blonde head on my shoulder and slowly drifts to sleep as I rock in the chair. The epitome of enjoying the small things. Heavenly.

Girls Night Out
We celebrated some special birthdays this past weekend, just the way we like them....with Mexican, dancing and margaritas. I was introduced to the Barefoot Bar on Saturday. I can't believe I've never taken the time to check it out. It's amazeballs. I loved the atmosphere. We followed it up by sitting on the dock and dipping our toes in the water and head banging to some 80's live music at the Gardens. Finish it off with a breezy jeep ride home, and you've got the recipe for a stellar night!

For now, I go back to packing suitcases, crossing off lists and trying to maintain some order in my house. Tomorrow I will be going full steam ahead to get my van packed up and ready for the 13 hour trip we will embark on at 4 AM Saturday morning. Wish us luck! Will be back soon with a vacation post!

What are you enjoying?!

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