Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Things

It was almost painful getting up to come to school yesterday. Although we did nothing out of the ordinary, five days was just enough time to contract "Summeritis". Oh we are so ready for it to be here. Even my almost five year old sat in the back seat this morning sulking as he begged and pleaded for it to be a "stay home day". He even took out the guilt trip card (who knew 4 year olds had that skill) to say how he would very much love me forever if I would turn the car around and go back home. I feel ya buddy. I feel ya.

Our weekend was quite amazing. I took down my holiday freak flag to half staff and just enjoyed the weekend instead of planning a bunch of activities that just stress everybody out. It was the right amount of busy and relaxing, home and away, ebb and flow. Although, I always finish out my vacation wishing I had done more cleaning or organizing, I remember that we're busy making memories and all of that stuff can wait.

I'll let the pictures do the talking today.

Perfect park day

Making a track in the sand for his cars

Mini date- groceries and Taco Johns

Mini date- Dr. appointment and Subway

Easter egg time- seriously only had a dozen eggs, but they enjoyed it

Date out for Chinese and Heaven is For Real
Enjoying the beautiful weather!

Trying out a youtube recipe for sugar cookies

Our graceful volleyball star

We were very excited to get the Jeep out finally!
Easter baskets!

Geared up for the Easter egg hunt

Traditional picture with Grandma Great after the Easter egg hunt


Sawyer's drawing during church of Jesus and his friends by the cross.
Our weekend had lots of outside time. It was finally a beautiful weekend. We played at the park. I took each of my littles on a mini date. We played volleyball and dyed eggs. We went for walks and had lots of family time. It was glorious. Hoping you had some sort of a relaxing break, even if it was only just the weekend.

Currently, I'm just sipping my Diet Coke, just trying to push through another day. Only a few more weeks of school. We can do this!!

Happy Hump Day!

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