Friday, June 20, 2014

Hello June!

Well Hello June, you sneaky bugger you. It's already the 20th and I feel like summer has just begun. In true June fashion, you've completely taken me by surprise, sucking up every moment of our days. Don't get me wrong, June, we love you, we just aren't real impressed with how fast you've made the summer go so far. So if you could just slow it down a bit, that would be greeaaat.

We've made a bucketlist, and I've put it.....somewhere. All I know is that we are enjoying our summer days. Ball games, swimming lessons, reading, zumba, sleeping in, pool dates, pedicures, you name it. We are loving it!

I'm a little scatter brained this morning, so I'll let the pictures do the talking. :)

My middle little on first base

Drive in Ball game- watching daddy play ball at church league

This is a good picture of him being ready for the ball, but the process of getting him to look ready is a large one. :)

Carter has done such an awesome job batting this year!

Trying her hand at the pitching mound this year. She's loving it!

He loves ball!

There's nothing like having friends who love your littles. Thank you guys for taking them on an impromptu ride!

Moonwalk 2014! More of these to come!

Getting toes done with my camp roomies

There are many reasons why I loved camp, not the least of which is making friends with these two. Love them.

This pretty much sums up our relationship. Lots of laughs and Missy on the side shaking her head. ;) Don't let her fool ya. Sister can laugh.

I had to chop off 95% of my foot because that's how ugly it is, but I love the design!

At home pedis with my biggest little.

Started IIFYM this summer and part of it is a lot of protein consumption. After 4 tries, I found a protein pancake recipe I LOVED. 

Lots of severe weather has hit our area lately. This is the worst of what we got. My heart hurts for those in the surrounding areas who have lost so much more due to flooding, damaging winds, hail, and even the communities a few hours away who are putting loved ones to rest. Please pray for them in the days and weeks to come!

Looking through my planner, I've realized summer is going to FLY BY. There are few weekends we have open from now until school starts. Lots of living left to do yet. Happy Friday to ya'll!!

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