Monday, March 18, 2013

Pukey McPukeFace and a Little Randomness

I sit here in my big comfy chair, haven't had my cup of coffee yet. I'm a mess. I'm exhausted. I have three blog posts with titles that I haven't begun yet, but I have lots of jumbled up words in my head that will eventually make it from my brain to my fingers and onto this blog. Sleep has apparently been overrated this weekend as my boys haven't been sleeping in their beds terribly well, and both nights this weekend, I woke up with one leg off of my tremendously large California King size bed while feet were in my face and arms were around my neck. I presume it's because we moved them in together this weekend--we'll get to that in a moment. My mom, Jaedyn and I went to see Oz yesterday, and about half way through the movie, Jaedyn's face goes completely white and she asks me to take her to the bathroom. Can you guess what happens? I'll spare you the details. Let's just say: all over the trashcan. All over the wall. All over the toilet. All over her face. Awesome. Needless to say, I'm in my big comfy chair and not teaching sweet little 2nd graders because I am home with Pukey McPukeFace.

I'll try to pull apart our week and pick some highlights to share with you, but I need to get myself a cup of coffee, PRONTO! By this part in the game, you should know that we do things in a slightly unorthodox fashion. We rarely think before we act. This can be good and bad, but in this case, I'm hoping it was a good decision. We have two bedrooms upstairs. One is Carter's, and one is Sawyer's. We've talked for some time about putting Sawyer and Carter in the same room and turning Sawyer's room into the playroom. There are many reasons why the basement isn't working anymore, and so we've been trying to convince Carter that this was a good idea. Up until Saturday, he wasn't always so thrilled, but he decided that having his own place space upstairs trumped having to share your room with your little brother. We will see how this goes.

Dan decided that if we were going to go ahead with this, then we were going to cut the wall open for the closet like we did with Carter's room last year. This requires a demolition of sorts and A LOT OF CLEAN UP, not to mention dust and nails and copious amounts of work that I could do without. So demolish we did, and I have to say that I'm relieved that part is over, even if it will take awhile to get the doors put in. If Sawyer and Carter can't handle sleeping in the same room, at least he will have a better closet!
Behind the entire length of this wall is a beautiful closet that we could never get to because it had one door and no light.
This is only a small chunk of the demolition that was done. It took us 8 hours to demolish and clean up. LONG Saturday!

This is where we are at now. It's cleaned up. YAY! Now all we need is a little bit of sheet rock, some trim and a couple doors and voila!
Hopefully this is what it will look like! :)

Other exciting highlights of my week.....
*One of my besties from grade/highschool had her twins on Tuesday. Mama did a good job with Avery Maureen and Sadie Ann. 6 lbs 13oz and 6 lbs 14oz. I got to go visit mama in the hospital, but unfortunately I have yet to meet the pretty little ladies, so I have no pictures to share with you. (Next time!) There were lots of people who wanted to love them up in the NICU. I think Jills needed her hubby if she couldn't be holding her ladies, and so I didn't make him drag me back down there. They had tons of people who wanted to see them anyways, so I will just have to make another trip to visit. Darn! I've been held over with lots of pictures so that will suffice for now. It's absolutely amazing welcoming a good friend into mamahood. It's the best place to live!

*We had a couple days of spring teasing weather. 56 was the high, and it was magnificent. Windows down magnificent. I will be happy to trade in driving to work with a sunrise to having my windows down and welcoming Spring with open arms. Winter needs to LET GO. You've had your chance GONE, and take your chilly temperatures and crummy wind with you.!

At some point, I'll get you a meaningful blog post, but for today, I'm off to clean, sort and love up some littles. Enjoy your Monday!

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