Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Enjoying and Happy Spring!

Last week was the first day of Spring! YAY!!! Even as I headed out the door to school that morning with frost caked on my windshield, I was reminded that Iowa doesn't always care about seasons. However, it's the mental shift in the calendar. Spring is coming, and with it, bright colors and green grass and playing outside and bike rides and colored chalk and walks and pounding pavement with my running shoes. I'm ecstatic to say the least. My soul can only take so much of this cold weather. In fact, at some point this winter, I've convinced my husband that Florida sounds pretty darn good. All of my real estate browsing in the Naples area has finally rubbed off as I got an e-mail from my husband the other day with this picture attached.

"What's in St. Petersburg?" I asked. Apparently, there was a salesman at DHI who lives in St. Petersburg. Dan got the scoop on the housing market and the pros and cons of Florida. I love that man. Even though we both know that moving to Florida will probably never happen anytime soon because we love our families too much to uproot our lives and move the equivalent of a 25 hour drive from the people we care about the most, it's fun for us to dream and spend two hours searching for real estate and jobs on any given evening. We may be a boring couple to some, but I'd rather be boring with him than "happenin" with anybody else. Alright, enough mush. BUT....on the plus side, Mr. Salesman said he'd put in a good word if Dan ever chose to make the move. Bonus? It's only 4 minutes from the beach. 

Drive to work sunrises are back. Last year, my kids were so annoyed with me because every single morning I would shout at them to look in their back window at the pinks and purples and oranges and yellows, and all the crazy designs God had painted in the sky. For awhile, every time I let out a squeal, they thought I was losing my mind, but after awhile, they just nodded and smiled. "Yep mom. That's cool." "Please don't pull over to take another picture, mom. We're late already."  I'm winning them over yet, though. Yesterday, Carter was the first to point out the beauty. :) It's the small things people.

March 21st was the 9th annual World Down Syndrome Awareness Day, and I couldn't be prouder to support my friends and my friends' littles who are so amazing. #bethechange

Our March date became a "family date". This year, I decided to incorporate some dates that included our family. I think it's super important to show your kids how necessary it is to take time out to "date" your spouse. They need to see that we carve out time to be with one another without the distraction of technology and other day to day things to really show each other we love spending time with them. We also think it's important to take time to do things as a family. We decided to go rock climbing because it was a first for the kids. After they realized it wasn't as hard as it looked, they really enjoyed it!! I sacrificed my rock climbing time so I could save money for a DQ stop on the way home. I'm nice like that. :)

Last Friday was Sawyer's Kindergarten Round up Day. He had been super excited for weeks to come to Carter and Jaedyn's school and see Mom and Grandpa, but when he woke up that morning, he crawled into my bed, climbed under the covers and stated so calmly that he would in fact NOT be going to Kindergarten because he has decided he is going to stay 4 forever. He thinks he'll keep his teacher and life will be just dandy. Panic stricken, I made Dan give him a 10 second pep talk before he headed out to work which didn't do much except make him more sure of his decision. However, by the time he walked into school, he was warming up to the idea of getting to be in this building with us every day. Mrs. Dahm and Mrs. Baker both told me he did such a great job, and he came home bubbly and excited that he had gotten his very own pair of scissors. I think we heard "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" story retold about 25 times that weekend. He's going to do just fine. I'm not sure I'm ready yet for him to be in Kindergarten. It seems so final. Like we are starting a new chapter in the Wolfswinkel household. In any case, it will be nice to have him with me every day!

Looking forward to summer so I can write more than once every other week! Hopefully I'll be back this weekend! Happy Hump Day!

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