Sunday, March 9, 2014

Enjoying the Small Things

I've been so over this winter since the day after Christmas. I hate cold, and these negative temperatures have really brought out the worst in my seasonal depression. I'm sick of waking up to these temperatures to head to the gym.

Today was such a breath of fresh air...literally. I've been waiting to run outside again for weeks. My lungs just couldn't handle this below zero air any longer. So I sucked it up and surrendered to the treadmill. I never thought I'd say I woke up at 5AM on a Monday morning in -18 degree weather to run 4 miles on a treadmill, but it happened. Naturally, when the temperature hit 57 degrees today, I took full advantage. I ran 6 miles and walked 2 with a friend, and plan to keep hitting the pavement as long as these temperatures last. I am willing spring to come darnit. The flip flops may just make an appearance if this weather stays put!!!

Anyways, back to enjoying:

Saturday spa days

Jae woke me up last Saturday to enjoy a little pampering. She found a recipe for a natural honey/oatmeal mask and gave me a calming hand massage. It was heavenly. I reciprocated the gesture by throwing some warm towels and bath robes in the dryer, putting on some yoga music on pandora, dimming the lights, and giving them a little back massage. Who says a back massage from a four year old can't be fun?

Girlfriends and the Johnny Holm Band

Last  year over Valentine's weekend, my sister in law invited me to see a cover band with some of her friends from work. Another gal had to cancel, and they didn't want to sit on the ticket. I had never heard of the Johnny Holm band, and was a little leery when they started playing. There was A LOT of country music and not a lot of dancing going on, but by the end of the night, I didn't have a voice. When I got home, I raved about them to my husband and told him if they ever came around again, we'd be heading back. Well sure enough, they were back at the Shrine for Valentine's weekend again, and so Dan drove 3 of my girlfriends and myself to the concert. What a great night it was! I highly recommend J.L. Beers (downtown Sioux Falls) and the Johnny Holm band if you ever need some weekend fun!

This book: 14,000 Things to be Happy About

When seasonal depression gets the best of me, this is the best pick me up. I put in my headphones, play some Bon Iver and highlight away to my heart's content.

Playing cars

This boy would be happier with nothing more than an ice cream bucket full of matchbox cars and his car rug. Usually, I don't get the luxury of playing with him and  big brother, but on this particular day, I was cordially invited to spend some QT on their sacred play mat. It was fun listening to them play make believe. It's a very different than the way girls play, but I was honored nevertheless.

Date Night

I've loved this idea since I first saw it on pinterest. We have never been together just "Dan and I". We've always had at least one child in tow, and I've never regretted that. It does, however, make date nights harder to come by, and the easiest "go to" is typically dinner and a movie, locally even. This monthly date night thing has become something to look forward to, and I hope it will stick around year after year.

Since January's date night at the casino seeing Nicholas David was quite the spendy date, I decided to reel it in and make a date night in our February night out. Dan wasn't to thrilled at first. A "staycation" isn't nearly as thrilling as an overnighter at a casino, but I promised I would make it worthwhile. After a lot of thought, I decided to make it a Mexican theme night. My mom took the kids, and I got a hold of some Mexican posters and decorations from a colleague, and ordered Los Tulipanes for supper. We had some margaritas and watched We are the Millers (which partially takes place in Mexico). I created a movie theater basket with popcorn and candy he liked. I tried to make it seem as though we weren't even at home, and it worked. I think staycations will be happening a little bit more. It was fun!

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