Thursday, September 26, 2013

Enjoying...With a bucketlist to Boot

This week has kind of flown by. We've had some really beautiful weather. It's crazy that it's Thursday already, but hey...I'm not complaining. Kids Club will be starting next week which means that another night of coming and going is being added to the mix. It's a good change, but one that means less time at home again, so I'm going to soak up those little moments in my cozy little abode and find some things to enjoy.

Right now we are enjoying.....

The return of some of God's beautiful paintings. When the nights were longer, there were many nights when we were just so busy that I didn't have time to soak in the beauty. Now the nights are getting shorter, and I'm able to notice the beautiful skies on my way to zumba or when I'm going for an evening run. This morning I saw the sun coming up again in my rearview mirror, and while I know that it means that my daylight is going to be cut short soon, it means that a cozier time of year is headed this way.

A Crafty itch. I am not typically the crafty girl, but in our family's current economic state, I'm trying to get creative with my gift ideas this year. I'm also excited to whip out some projects that I can work on at home this winter, not limited to but including, a photo wall and finally doing something with all my photographs.

Thoughtful gestures. My husband just gets me. At least most of the time. He knows how much I am really getting into this blogging thing, and he thought it would be fun to make me a hardcover book of all of my blog posts for the last 15 months. It is such a priceless gift. I just LOVE re-reading the memories and thoughts I've had for the last year. I decided to make one every year. I really think my family will enjoy these keepsakes for many many years to come.

Fall baking. I've already bought about 10 cans of pumpkin. I know they won't all be used, but I'm excited to try out some of the pinterest recipes I've pinned for fall. We've already tried 2 ingredient pumpkin muffins, and they are to DIE for. Also on my list: apple crisp, fall sangria, pumpkin crescents and a few fallish pumpkin/squash soups.

Morning Snuggles. I thought that these would eventually fade out, like it was too good to last too long, but it hasn't. He still comes into my room and snuggles with me for 3-5 minutes every morning. I can't get enough. He's got my heart.

And now a Fall Bucketlist for you!!

We know that more than likely getting to all of these things won't happen, but it also prevents us from being lazy and watching too much tv or not spending enough time with the kids. We especially need this swift kick in the rear when Dan and I come home from work and are sooooo tired that we could easily sit in our big comfy chair for the entire night.

Wolfswinkel Family Fall Bucketlist 2013:
*Pumpkin patch
*Apple Orchard- CHECK
*Rake leaves and jump in them
*Fall photo shoot
*Picnic- CHECK
*Nature hike at Oak Grove
*Make caramel apples
*Bake Fall goodies including: pumpkin crescents, apple crisp, apple pie, fall cut out cookies
*Paint/Carve pumpkins
*Hot cocoa, sweater, and a book outside
*Hot apple cider
*Popcorn Balls
*A Charlie Brown Halloween
*Trick or Treating
*Making Halloween costumes
*Make a thankful tree
*Write what I'm thankful for every single day on Facebook/Put it in a blogpost to remember
*Fall Family Fun Night(S)
*Fires and Smores with friends
*Corn maze
*Pumpkin lattes-find a recipe I love and have it at least once a week.

*Disney channel/ABC Family Halloween specials with the kids
*Make a Fall Sangria and enjoy it with friends.
*Pop in uninvited to Dawn's house and enjoy some hot tub time. She loves me.
*Make pumpkin seeds
*Make a Fall wreath
*Rake a neighbor's lawn
*Volunteer at a food pantry or homeless shelter of some sort
*Go to a haunted house
*Go to a high school football game- CHECK
*Star gazing
*Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade
*A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

We have two months to accomplish as much of this as we can before Christmas will take over. It's a lot, but now you see why I'm so excited for this time of year! Woo hoo!! Bring it on Fall!! What is your family excited for this Fall??

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