Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Weekend Dears and Crocodile Tears

I had a surprisingly hard day today, but before we get to that, I just have to tell you about my weekend. It.Was.Amazeballs. I love that we celebrate birthdays big. There's just something about celebrating the crap out of the day you were born. I'm not talking about bells and whistles or expensive things. I just mean truly showing someone that you put a lot of thought and effort into making their day special. I try so hard to do that for my family, and this year, my hubby didn't disappoint.

Our long weekend began with a lunch date with one bestie and a trip to the Paullina pit with another. My birthday was simple, yet everything I could have asked for. We went to church together and my dad treated us to lunch. Dan and I spent the day at Calico Skies, and if you have never spent a Sunday afternoon there, I HIGHLY recommend it. We did some wine tasting and spent the next few hours listening to live music while we ate cheese, meat and crackers and finished off a bottle of wine as well as instagrammed a few favorite photos of course. :) We both said over and over again that days like that should be mandatory. If we all had just one day a week to unwind with some live music and wine under a beautiful blue sky, I think America's stress level would drop tremendously. We will definitely be doing that again!

We came home, power cleaned, and then my ladies and some of their hubbies/kiddos came and finished the evening off with a fire, some drinks and of course....smores. It was a perfectly perfect day. Not much could top it. Labor Day was equally as eventful, celebrating birthdays with the Wolfswinkels. Myra (Dan's mom) turned 50 last week, and in addition to my birthday, Jaedyn will be 10 next week so we spent some QT together, having a fish fry, taking some pictures, eating cake and ice cream and making stepping stones to decorate the outside of Grandma and Grandpa's house. Labor Day weekend=Success!

Now for the crocodile tears.....
I don't know what happened guys. I really don't. I took myself by surprise, and I must say, it was a tad pathetic. I dropped off a very happy boy at his aunt's house this morning, and when I pulled away from the house, I was a hot mess of tears. Like, sniffling, snotting, mom has to call and give me a pep talk kind of crying. It's a good thing we had a field trip today or I think my mind would have been gone all day. Sawyer is my baby, my buddy, my best friend. I'm used to not being with him all day, but knowing that he's starting school has me a bit choked up. And while I know many family members and friends have advised me to go ahead and have another, that won't be happening on MY watch, so we'll have to just deal with the tears the best we can! ;) Thankfully, little man LOVED preschool and can't stop talking about it. I'm excited to see how he grows this year!

I'll be back next week with a Birth Story. My baby girl turns 10. WAH!!

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