Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall Freak Flag Alert!!

This weekend my calendar said that the season was a changin', and that means my freak flag is on high alert. And let me tell you, we've done gone welcomed Fall into this household with only the very best Fall freak flag there ever was. I'm oh so excited to enjoy another 2 months of this!! 

Saturday, Dan ran in the Muddy Vike with his brother in Sioux Falls. (I know...I can't believe I let him do it either. No worries. No broken bones!) We decided it would be more fun to have an adventure in Sioux Falls than to stay home and clean this beast, and so play we did. :)

We had to be in Sioux Falls by 8:45, so naturally we made it there by 9:00, dropped Dan off, chit chatted with Sarah and the boys for a bit and then headed to Oh My Cupcake to surprise the kids with some dessert for later. This place is so quaint and cute. What a fun idea for a little shop. The kids wanted to stop in to the dog store on the way out, so we meandered in there for a bit too. It's so refreshing when you have no place to be, no agenda. I'm going to make it a point to do this more often.

After a pit stop at Starbucks for the only $4.00 pumpkin latte I will probably get this Fall, we headed to Hobby Lobby to peruse the Fall decorations and  pick up some materials for a photo wall I'm working on at home. I don't feel the need to craft often, but when pinterest comes a callin, we answer! I've also added about 13 things to my list of things to accomplish this Fall/Winter. We all know how those projects turn out....usually unfinished. Oh well. This is what propels me into these seasons, the anticipation for what could be and what we will try to accomplish. Planning is the best part!

The rest of the afternoon was spent between Falls Park and the apple orchard. I whipped out my camera and took some photos of my kids. I know they aren't professional photography worthy, but I'm practicing, and surprising myself with what I'm able to do. The apple orchard was having their Apple Festival this past weekend, so we entertained the kids with bouncy houses, a playground full of straw, some donkeys, a baby pig and of course the tractor ride and apple picking. We had so much fun, just the five of us. I'm realizing that these moments with all five of us are becoming fewer and farther between the older my kids are getting. Between activities and Jaedyn's social calendar, we just don't spend the time together we once did. I'm making a mental note of this as well. Spend more intentional time together as a family. We may have to bring back Family Night.

The crisp weather is settling in. I've noticed some leaves are starting to change. We've celebrated the September birthdays with stromboli and ice cream cake at mom's already which means the calendar will be turning over soon. Before we know it, Christmas will be here! My favorite 3 months of the year are within reach, and we are starting it out right! Tonight I will give my house a proper Wolfswinkel shakedown. It's in need of a little TLC. Once we have a clean house, we will finish our Fall bucketlist and cuddle up with some Monday Night Football. Go Broncos!! Back with a bucketlist post later this week! Happy Fall Ya'll!!

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