Sunday, May 4, 2014

Siouxperman and a Birthday Bash

This weekend was our initiation into Summer, and while summer isn't officially here for a little while, our schedule is telling us otherwise. This is the first of EVERY weekend we have from now until June where there is something going on. There are 2 weeks until Colin graduates, 3 weeks of school left, 4 until we leave for Royal Family Kids Camp, and in between all that madness, we have 2 birthdays, a birthday party, an anniversary, Mother's Day, soccer games, gymnastics and a planner that seriously has little room left to write anything else.

Our week consisted of rain....and clouds and wind. (What's new?) I guess it could be worse. It could have been snow, and somehow we lucked out by never staying in for recess. Everybody has checked out ( I think myself included). We are so ready for warm, sunshiny weather, bare feet, chalk stained pants, sprinklers, packing up for the pool, ball games, and the like. I think we will be making a summer bucket list soon. I'm getting antsy.

Anyways, since January, my brother-in-law has kept us all accountable by coming up with monthly fitness challenges that eventually prepared us for this weekend. We all participated in some or all of the Siouxperman Triathlon in Sioux Center on Saturday morning. We had a guys team and a girls team, and Justin did the whole thing himself. Let me just say, I have a new found respect for him. I was exhausted with just running the 5k. It's amazing to me how you can train your body for something like that. It was such a fun experience. I'm kind of a sucker for team unity. There's something about working together to accomplish a common goal. I love the encouragement, the high fives, the cheering. It's all incredibly motivating. Even the weather was picture perfect minus a little wind. Definitely something I'll probably do again next year.

Jaedyn and my nieces coming along to cheer us on!

It won't be long and Jaedyn will pass up her Aunt Sarah

William- Swimmer, Dan- Biker, Vern- Runner (Which by the way had an amazing time which was around 22 minutes! Way to go Vern!) The boys finished 4th in the men's team division.

Our team: Sarah- She was a trooper on the bike, Beth- our swimmer, Me-Running

All of us including Justin who placed 72nd out of close to 200 people. Way to go Justin! We are so proud of you.

I'm amazed by this man's endurance. He wasn't thrilled with the idea of biking 15 miles. He's been training since March and the weather never seemed to cooperate. His only goal was finishing, and he did it with an amazing time- 54:21. I'm so very proud of him!!

We also celebrated birthdays with the Wolfswinkels. Griffin turned 5 last week. Carter will be 8 this Thursday, and Sawyer will be 5 on the 20th. I don't have any pictures of Griffin. Unfortunately, we interrupted precious sleep, and I didn't want him to throw toys at my head. (I do love you though little man!!) The boys walked away with quite the loot. We enjoyed some DQ ice cream cake (with cookie dough to boot!) and Pizza Ranch for supper. It was super low key and exactly what we all needed after an exhausting, yet, quite perfect day.
Carter made off with a new basketball (for the hoop he doesn't know he's getting), a paintable tractor, a water balloon launcher and Need for Speed. He was super excited!

Sawyer got Connect 4, bubbles, chalk, and a Nerf arrow gun.


Today we are recovering. We enjoyed our last Sunday laundry day with Jada and got to see Jenni after 4 months of her being in Denver. I'm so sad we won't get regular Sundays anymore, but I'm so excited to see where God is going to lead them.

Happy Sunday! Enjoy your week. :)

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