Saturday, March 11, 2017

Making History

I can finally see the finish line after a two week stint of crazy. One more day of busy tomorrow, but today....finally a day off. Not a day off to go to an appointment or leave on a trip, but a day to have no where to go. Nothing to check off. No agendas to be had. Splendid indeed.

Last week we were able to witness some history in the making for our amazingly talented Sioux Center Warrior girls. Our family minus Sawyer traveled roughly 24 hours over the span of 3 days to watch our ladies tear it up at the Well. While the ending wasn't what we had anticipated or welcomed, we are proud of our girls nevertheless. If my information is accurate, it's bee 90 years since our girls have made it to the state championship game. In 1927, the first year the Iowa High School Girls Athletic Association was even a thing, our girls made it to the championship and lost 38-37. Last weekend, we took home a 2nd place win again. We are so proud of their tenacity and determination. Watching them on the big screen as they held hands praying a version of an athlete's prayer, I teared up knowing that this week will forever be etched in their memory. 

I can still remember my junior year of high school, when our boys basketball team made it to state. I, alongside many of my friends cozied up at the Embassy Suites, fitting nearly 7-8 girls in one hotel room. Memories of hair braiding, doing make up, making up shenanigans in the bathroom, and lots of laughter were had although the details are fuzzy at best. What I can remember the most is the championship game. Boyden Hull was playing the 1A game first, and their crowd was kitty corner from us. This is when state games were still played at "The Barn". Many of our fans were wearing Boyden Hull shirts, and I can remember cheering them to victory. When the hoopla of their win was over, their crowd took of their Boyden Hull shirts and orange and blue took their place. They cheered us on to our State Championship win as well, and I can remember this feeling of unity that I had never felt before. Here we were, two teams from NW Iowa. Two teams that rival one another in the regular season, coming together to cheer each other on and make our corner of the state proud! To date, this is hands down one of my top five favorite memories from high school. I'm so glad my older kiddos got to experience their first glimpses of state. It's planted some dreams in the heart of my daughter, that's for sure. What a cool experience.

We even got to reunite with some long lost besties on Saturday night after the game. Brent and Ashley were neighbors of ours when we first got married, and I was still in college. They moved away about a year after we moved in, and for many years, we were able to make trips back and forth to see each other, but such is life. Our kids grew up and became more active. We decided that it had been close to three years since we have seen each other without the use of social media, so it was LONG overdue. How I do miss them. 

Anyways, with three days of state, a Friday night in Emmetsburg for show choir, and a Sunday adoptaversary date for my husband and my daughter, we finally parked the van in the garage and decided to let it sit there for awhile. :) That didn't make this week any less hectic, however. This week I had two days of conferences, a band concert and a choir concert to attend. Tomorrow will be Jae's last show choir performance, so today was a day of relaxation. I finished The Shack. (Loved it is an understatement), ate lunch with my hubby, took a bath, and now I get to finally blog for a bit! Loving every moment of this freakishly cold day. However, Spring can come at any moment, please. We are waiting impatiently for you! 

Sioux Center 7th and 8th grade Adrenaline (photo courtesy of  Mel Pottebaum)

10 year Adoptaversary date
Here's to the weekend! Crossing my fingers that the snow misses us COMPLETELY!

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