Friday, February 22, 2013


This week I'm enjoying.....

Snuggling babies. Mmmm...I love the smell of babies. I had the privilege of helping out a good friend with her daycare while she was at the doctor's office praying she didn't have to have another surgery. (I feel your pain babe...All.Too.Well) I haven't had any babies to hold in a long time. I'm so ready for Jillian to have those baby girls. SO.EXCITED.

When Dan and I had Sawyer, I was so thrilled that all of my sisters-in-law and one of my besties were all pregnant together. How exciting it was that we all could experience the joys (and sickness and Braxton Hicks and heartburn) together. However, I soon realized that when everyone is pregnant together, myself included, you don't have time to love up other babies. I was selfishly loving up my own. It would have been nice to drink in babies in increments, now that I look back. Now that Dan and I are feeling quite confident that our family is complete, my heart still aches when I get to hold babies--bonus points if they are brand new. I just love their scent, their velociraptor squeaks, their chubby cheeks and soft, smooth skin. Before you comment, I'm NOT saying I'm ready to have another baby. In fact, we are quite content- our little family of five. There are so many things we want to do and places we want to go. Do I have enough love in my heart for another one? Absolutely. But the dreams I have for our family trump adding to our mix at the present moment. We do, however, NOW agree on baby names--just in case. It took us nine months to agree on Sawyer's name, so I guess having some ready to go isn't such a bad thing. We would be the couple that God says one day, "Haha. You thought you were in charge." And until that day comes, I'm going to pretend I am and so no baby will there be. :) For now, I'll continue to love up babies when there are opportunites. I like my sleep thank you very much.

First of the season snow storms.
I use the term snow storm quite lightly. It's quite funny to see and hear all the hype about the impending doom that this snow storm may possibly bring. I think we all forget sometimes that we live in Iowa, and contrary to the last few winters we've had, Iowa is known to have a few doozies. It wasn't uncommon to see 40-50 inches of snow in a winter. I think NW Iowa can handle 4-6 inches. Even so, I joined the hype. I cut out during my prep period and hit up the grocery store for some last minute necessities JUST IN CASE there would be end up being a snow-mageddon and we were stuck in our house for the weekend. Hey, a girl can dream. One of those per winter would be totally acceptable. Alas, it snowed heavily, prompting my husband to remind me that my winter driving skills are not as impeccable as I would like to believe, and that it would probably be in my best interest (and of those on the road with me) to stay home from zumba and Langers. So stay home and cuddle on the over-sized chair with my hubby I did. We had a little Grey's Anatomy marathon and ate our own version of chips and queso while attempting 254 takes of a picture that truely doesn't do our good lucks justice.

Only kidding. Our version of "snowed in" was quite nice indeed. And let me tell ya, I'll trade in one sunrise to a soft blanket of freshly fallen snow today.

Things I'm not enjoying- Being jipped on a late start/snow day today. Criminelly. Only in Iowa.

New Phones.

Change makes me cringe, let me tell ya. I finally get used to something, and then it's time to toss it. This time, however, I was ready and willing to throw my phone out the door. Our service has been very spotty lately, and it wasn't uncommon for it to take four tries before I could actually get through to someone on the other end. The US is strongly dominated by our carrier...EXCEPT this little pocket of NW Iowa which conveniently is dead space. See what I mean?

So, we got new phones. I'm super thankful for a techie husband who makes sure my music and pictures are intact as they get transferred over. I'd screw it up big time.

Date nights with Amy Sue.

There is little better than spending a week night with someone you love that is not your husband. I thoroughly enjoy making the most of life, and so while Dan has his man night, I take an opportunity to spend a few hours watching teen dramas with my sister. I know technically, she isn't my "sister", but I'll be damned if she isn't exactly that. So sister is her name, thank you very much. We laugh. We cry. We tell stories. We share dreams. I sing out loud. She punches me in the stomach. It's all good.

Off to enjoy some sledding with the kids. What are you enjoying right now?

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