Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Not so Sappy Valentine's Day Post and the Time Where I May or May Not Have Almost Started the House on Fire

I'm a sucker for the holidays (Christmas in particular). There's something about a holiday that makes me feel extra cheery and puts me in the mood for some messy crafts and good old fashion cut out cookies. I love giving my kids little trinkets and treats that they look forward to opening on that special day, and raising them with an appreciation for a good old celebration doesn't hurt. Since my kids have been itty bitty, I have tried to make a big deal about holidays, but I know that I haven't done as much as I would like to. Some of that is because of lack of finances or the fact that procrastination is my middle name, and by the time I would like to do fun things, the opportunity is long gone. In other words, my holiday freak flag is raised high around the holidays.

Valentine's Day was never one of my favorites growing up. While I will cry at a good chick flick and was raised on Disney movies as a little girl, sappy has never described me. I get really awkward and sweat starts to drip from my forehead when there is anything more than a quick peck or hand holding by couples in public. It makes me feel weird. At home, I love a good romantic moment where my husband says something sweet or brings me flowers, but in general, sappy and me just equal awkward.

Now that I have kids however, I relish in the fact that I get to make holidays, birthdays, and get togethers into grand celebrations and use them as an excuse to raise my holiday freak flag even higher. Valentine's Day to me doesn't mean sappy or romance. To me it means, I get to spend another day showing my kids how much I love them. And I love them so much it hurts. Here are a few things that we've done to get into the mood for loooove.

On Monday, I ran to Fareway to grab a few last minute supplies. The kids wanted to make cupcakes and cookies, and being the Betty Homemaker I am, I decided to go all out and make homemade buttercream frosting. Delish! We had a lot of fun making and eating the mess!

                                    They are a lot like their mama. We are suckers for batter and dough.

 Once we had all this yummy, sugary deliciousness made, it was clear it needed to be given away or it would take 1,000 zumba classes to work off what I would have put in my  mouth. We ended up taking a plate of goodies over to my brother's house and Sawyer got to take a plate to share with his daycare friends. Win-Win
The true procrastinator that I am decided to put up all the Valentine's decor up on Monday. Yep. Three days before the big day. Oh well. I suppose we will enjoy it through February. A little love never hurt anyone. We finished the evening off with baths and a Charlie Brown Valentine's Day special. Can't go wrong with that!

Today, being the amazing parents we are (insert sarcasm here), Dan and I decided to surprise the kids with their favorite breakfast: triple cheesy scrambled eggs and pancakes (double bonus if they are heart shaped and pink). They were super excited. I believe the words "you're the best parents ever" and "I love you. I love you. I love you" and "WOO HOO" were uttered a couple million times. Score one for us. It wouldn't however be good Wolfswinkel fashion if the morning didn't go down without a few kinks. And by kinks I mean I may or may not have almost started the house on fire with some tissue paper and a candle. No worries. I'm a fire fighter's wife. (Oh wait...the last time I heard those words I was on my rear at the bottom of a fireman's pole with a shattered ankle.) Nevertheless, no harm, no foul.

Tip number #3508: Do NOT put a candle on the same table where you are going to let your children open up presents. For the record, tissue paper will go up in flames in .3 seconds and that baby will take out the entire table's worth of cargo if you don't throw it on the linoleum (risking your own hand) and spray it with the sink hose until there is a lake in your kitchen. The evidence was minor.
I will finish off my Valentine's Day with some zumba and the traditional Thursday night girls' night out at Langers. I gotta show my ladies some love too. :) And THAT my how we do Valentine's Day!

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