Saturday, February 9, 2013

Reflecting and Enjoying......

"Enjoying the small things" has always been my motto, my mantra if you will. It's something I've intentionally tried to keep at the forefront of my priority list, especially in the midst of much sadness and tragedy over the course of the last few months. From the heart breaking shootings in Conneticut, to losing loved ones to cancer, new cancer diagnosises, car accidents where families are torn apart, and one near and dear to my heart right now-- a good friend and co-worker who lost her 26 year old husband to altitude sickness almost two weeks ago. Watching a 22 year old widow grieve the loss of her husband is sobering and gut-wrenching to say the least. It's in the midst of these moments whereI find that I am the most introspective and reflective about life and faith and tend to question "What is this life all about" more frequently. What I've discovered is that the only thing I can do is live my one wild and precious life to the fullest capability I can. And I tend to do so as fully as I can before I am called to my heavenly home.

In order to live my own wild and precious life, I need to grasp those things that wouldn't be newsworthy events or even things that you would talk about at family get-togethers, necessarily. Heck, these things wouldn't probably be on many facebook walls either (except for will definitely find them on mine). But I crave these moments...these little things..because I find them daily. The more I find them, the more blessed and happy I feel. I crave these little moments that make my day more fulfilled. I hope one day my kids will learn to find happiness in these little things themselves. Being happy is contagious, and I plan to pass along my "sickness" to as many people as I can. :)

Here are some things I'm enjoying right now:
Trying out Bantu curls from Pinterest
Remember all those epic fail pictures on pinterest. Yep....that's us. You live and you learn. Next time we will make sure it dries all day first. Still good quality bonding time was had.
Birthday celebrations where you get to talk in British accents and spend 5 hours laughing with your best friends while your husbands stare at you from the other side of the table wondering whether to claim you or just ignore you. They chose the latter. (But they didn't threaten to leave us there without rides. That's true love.)

February camp-outs in your bedroom are a must when you can't go outside!

Doggy piles--'nuff said

Real pedicures even when you can't wear flip flops. The snowflakes are a nice touch.

Spa a la Wolfswinkel. The perk about winter is that you don't take off your socks as often making it perfect for painting little boys toenails pink, purple and blue. :)

It has been a tradition since summer to head to Langer's every Thursday night after zumba. There's something about girl time that is so good for the soul. It makes me a better mom, a better wife, and makes me appreciate these awesome women in my life. Even when we can't all make it every week, when we can, we make the most of it. We laugh, we cry, we dream, we plan, we enjoy.

Right now the sun comes up at exactly the perfect time--right on my way to work. It's a shame that it's always at my back, and being that it's Iowa, seeing a sunrise can be few and far between the cloudy yucky days. But when it's there, Oh lawd have's gorgeous. I have to pull over sometimes just to admire it's beauty. It's the small things people.

Tiny 1 lb 6 oz puppies that make my chubby 20 pound puppy run for cover. She's just the cutest thing I've ever seen and can entertain the children for days. Too cute.
And just in case you don't believe in rainbows and unicorns yet......Here is a little extra ooomph to scoot you along. And when chocolate says's true.
Happy Weekend to you!

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